World Food Day 2019

World Food Day is a day we always participate in as it aims to bring public awareness of people who suffer from hunger and lack of access to a nutritious diet. This year, World Food Day calls for action to make healthy and sustainable diets accessible to everyone.

Mission Bay: Shorenstein Family Café
Wednesday October 16

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls with
5-spice tofu or chicken
Apple and blue cheese pizza

Beyond BBQ Burger
Mushroom farro kimchi bowl
topped with fried egg

Okonomiyaki pancakes
Blistered shishito peppers
tossed with sea salt

Parnassus: Moffit Family Café
Wednesday, October 16

Salmon Quinoa Bowl
Grilled Chicken Quinoa Bowl
Chick Pea Quinoa Bowl

Beyond BBQ Burger
Baked Potato Bowl
Baked Yam Bowl
Creamy Polenta Bowl

Pizza with chard, ricotta, roasted
yams, caramelized onions
Roast Cauliflower Tostada
Soyrizo Tostada