Jamaican food featured every Tuesday at Moffitt Café

Jamaican food will now be featured at Moffitt Café every Tuesday! Update:Due to popular demand, Peaches Patties has added Thursdays as well.  

Peaches Patties is a Jamaican catering company based in San Francisco that prides itself on baking a variation of fresh homemade Jamaican patties and other popular Jamaican dishes as well.  Their focus is using fresh ingredients and flavorful Jamaican spices that will give you a taste of Peaches Jamaican Kitchen. The inspiration behind Peaches Patties is Shani’s mother whose nickname is “Peaches” and who is known for making the most delicious homemade Jamaican beef patties.  
Their goal is to give everyone in the Bay Area the experience of authentic Jamaican culture through their patties, their warm service, and their vibrant island cuisine.

Shani Jones is the owner and chef of Peaches Patties, one of San Francisco’s few Caribbean food outfits. She named her business after the nickname of her mother, a native of Kingston, Jamaica. The family matriarch moved to the U.S. and married Jones’ New Orleans-born father.
In the Jones household, the cultural collaboration resulted in eclectic dinners: grilled meats with Jamaican flavors served on the same table as Creole stews and gumbos. This spurred Shani’s love of bold spices and culturally rooted recipes. That same passion gave rise to Peaches Patties.