Philippines Independence Day 2021

Join us in celebrating Philippines Independence Day on Thursday June 10 at all Campuses!

Parnassus: Moffitt Café 11am - 3pm

Beef Kare Kare
Pork Menudo
Ginger soy Tilapia
Sitaw Kalabasa
Vegetarian Pancit
Pork Lumpia
Roasted Vegetables
Chicken Adobo Silog
Vegetarian Chayote Silog
Dessert: Bebinka

Mission Bay: Shorenstein Family Café 11am - 3pm
Mami Noodle Soup Station (Choice of chicken or tofu)
Open Faced Chicken Asado Siopao  (Shredded chicken marinated in soy, oyster sauce, garlic & onions in bao wrapper, topped with egg and green onions)

BBQ Skewers (Pork & Chicken)
Vegetarian Ukoy
Chicken Afritada: Chicken simmered in chicken stock, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, bell peppers, and peas
Vegetarian Pancit
Pork Lumpia
Rice & Vegetables
Turon (Fried Banana)
Homemade Desserts:
Halo Halo w/ Mitchell’s Ube Ice Cream
Frozen Brazo de Mercedes
Leche Flan
Sari Sari Store: Assorted Snacks

Mount Zion Café
Sari Sari Store: Assorted Snacks