Cherry Blossom Festival 2019

Our culinary team have been especially busy ramping up for a fun menu in celebration of the Cherry Blossom Festival. Almost every station will have something Japanese inspired. Check out what is sure to be popular: the Poke Bowls and the street food stations.

Mission Bay: Shorenstein Family Café
April 24th

Poke Trio Bowl $11.25
(no raw fish-all cooked) choice of:
brown rice or white rice, spring mix,
or 1/2 & 1/2 rice and spring mix *comes with all 3: honey sriracha tofu, miso glazed salmon, crab salad * vegetarian option: all tofu toppings: edamame, carrots, pickled ginger, avocado, mango, green onions, fried garlic, and furikake

Pork Katsu Curry $4.50
Edamame $1.60
Furikake Chicken Wings $4.50

Teriyaki Pineapple Burger $6.50
teriyaki burger with grilled pineapple, topped with coleslaw drizzled with a wasabi aioli

Okonomiyaki Pancake $4.50
osaka-style street food made with shredded cabbage, dashi- topped with sauce and shaved bonito flakes

Takoyaki $3.50
custard-like octopus dumplings topped with japanese mayo, takoyaki sauce, green onions

Japanese Croquettes $3.50

Tomorokoshi $2.50
corn on the cob brushed with miso butter

Green Tea Cheesecake $3.50
Green Tea Honey Sponge Cake $3.50
Taiyaki $3.00
fish-shaped dessert filled with red bean paste
Assorted snacks