Fourth of July 2021

We have some special menus at Moffitt Café and at Shorenstein café as well as some limited hours for the 4th of July. Be sure to come by and taste the celebratory menus!

July 2nd
Mission Bay: Shorenstein Family Café
    • BBQ Pork Ribs
    • Hot Links
    • Hot Wings
    • Mac & Cheese
    • Sautéed Cabbage
    • Corn

July 2nd
Parnassus Heights: Moffitt Café
    • Plum Glazed Ribs
    • Asian Glazed Salmon
    • Hot Wings
    • Baked Creamed Spinach
    • Roasted Potatoes
    • Macaroni and Cheese
    • Apple Pie
    • Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

July 4th
Parnassus Heights: Moffitt Café
    • BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich
    • Hot Links
    • Butternut Zuni Stew
    • Baked Beans
    • Chicken Tenders
    • Fries

July 5th
Parnassus Heights: Moffitt Café
    • Fried Chicken
    • Glazed Salmon
    • Vegetable Lasagna
    • Country-style Gravy
    • Mashed Potatoes

And a heads-up to our limited hours over the weekend

July 5th
Moffitt Café   7am to 3pm
Moffitt Café Express 5:30am to 8pm

Shorenstein Family Café 7am to 3pm
Shorenstein Café Express 6am to 10pm
Equator Café will be closed

Mount Zion Café will be closed
The Daily Grind will be closed.