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UCSF Nutrition & Food Services is responsible for all UCSF Health food operations, including patient dining, retail food outlets, inpatient and outpatient nutrition services, catering, and gift shops. It is the only university-operated food establishment at UCSF. Our department also sponsors an accredited dietetic internship, which has trained dietitians since 1936.





Who We Are


Dan Henroid, Director of Nutrition and Food Services, UCSF Health
[email protected]

  • JoAnn Florendo, MPA, Business Office Manager
    • Frank Rivera, Business Office Supervisor


Ami Patel, MS, RD, Director, Nutrition Services

  • Liz Sullivan, MS, RD, Dietetic Internship Director and Dietetic Technician Supervisor
  • Cait Hogan, RD, Manager, Adult Inpatient Nutrition Services
  • Maria Hetherton, RD, interim Manager, Pediatric Nutrition Services
  • Allie LaTray, MS, RD, Supervisor, Outpatient Nutrition Services



  • Anne Alexander, MBA, RD, Associate Director, Patient Food Services
    • Sarah Choi, RD, Manager, Patient Food Services
      • John DeDios, Patient Food Service Supervisor
      • Margie DeGroot, Patient Food Service Supervisor
      • Connie Nelson, Patient Food Service Supervisor
  • Brigid Callinan, RD, Manager, Procurement and Sustainability
    • Denise Lee, CDM, CFPP,  Procurement Supervisor
  • Andre Yusuf, CEC, CDM, CFPP, Associate Director, Culinary Innovation and Operations
    • <vacant>, Executive Chef
      • Ben Denton, interim Executive Chef
      • Irwin Bigornia, Executive Sous Chef
    • <vacant>, Manager, Moffitt Café and Moffitt Café Express
      • Patricia Blecha, Retail Food Service Supervisor
      • Jing Pese, Retail Food Service Supervisor
      • Shenisha Williams, Retail Food Service Supervisor
    • Sean Romo, Interim Manager, Moffitt Catering
      • Elmer Calagian, Catering Supervisor
      • Paul Roman, Catering Supervisor

Mount Zion

  • Christy Carrillo, CDM, CFPP, Manager, Mount Zion Café
  • Audrey Pastones, Chef Supervisor
  • Hendry Jacob, Food Service Supervisor

Mission Bay

  • Leila Tabrizi, MS, RD, interim Associate Director
    • <vacant> Manager, Patient Food Service
      • Heidi Ma, CDM, CFPP, Patient Food Service Supervisor
      • Jeffrey Potts, Patient Food Service Supervisor
      • Leonard Walsh, Patient Food Service Supervisor
  • Irene Regala, Executive Chef
    • Donna Bulanadi,Executive Sous Chef
    • Jose Diaz, Executive Sous Chef
    • DJ Santos, Procurement Supervisor and Chef
  • Florence Fung, interim manager, Shorenstein Family Cafe, Shorenstein Cafe Express, and Equator Cafe.
    • Chantay Moore, Retail Food Service Supervisor


  • Oliver Olivares, Manager, Parnassus Heights and Mission Bay Hospital Gift Shops
  • Chris Wilhite, Manager, Friend to Friend Shops at Mount Zion and Mission Bay

What We Do


UCSF Nutrition & Food Services is responsible for all UCSF Medical Center food operations, including
patient dining
retail food outlets
inpatient and outpatient nutrition services
gift shops.

  • UCSF patients and their families and friends, as well as UCSF employees, students, and visitors, rely on our department for a wide range of nutrition and dining services.
  • We provide nutrition care for our patients while they are hospitalized and through our outpatient clinics, including food for patients on complex modified diets.
  • We also serve more than one million customers each year in our cafeteria, provide a variety of retail dining options, and offer catering services for the UCSF Medical Center and campus.

On all three main campuses—Parnassus, Mount Zion, and Mission Bay—food services and dietitians work together to offer the best selection of nutritious eating options, a unique approach that is far beyond what most hospitals in the country provide. Through innovations such as nutrition information on menus and restaurant receipts, plus integration with applications such as My Fitnesspal and FitBit, our goal is to make it easy to make informed, nutritious choices through all UCSF food service operations.

PIck Up Here


The registered dietitians at the UCSF Nutrition Counseling Clinic at 400 Parnassus (A435) provide individual nutrition counseling for adults, adolescents, and children. UCSF outpatient dietitians have created a series of informative, health-related newsletters on diabetes, healthy weight, exercise, nutrition for kids, high blood pressure, and heart health. Look for these and many other patient education materials at www.ucsfhealth.org/conditionsTo learn more about outpatient nutrition services at UCSF, go to Outpatient Information.

Our 50-week Dietetic Internship is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. More than 800 Registered Dietitians have completed the program since it began in 1934. Our graduates are employed as clinical and outpatient dietitians, managers in clinical nutrition and food service, and in non-traditional jobs.