Halenia - Street Food Pop-up

Exploring cuisines from around the world not only feeds our culinary curiosity but also reflects our diverse workforce and customers. We are featuring a concept at Parnassus and Mission Bay this month that has its origins from Sarawak Borneo. The Chef, Jessy Manuel, will be serving up this unique street food that you cannot find anywhere else in the SF/Bay Area. Jessy will serve one dish only called Sarawak Laksa which is a noodle soup.

Jessy writes about Sarawak Laksa:

Specifically from Sarawak Borneo. The paste for this specific Laksa has been a secret for many many years. There are only two families on the island of Borneo that produce this Laksa paste and all the vendors who sell this Laksa source their paste from either of the families. I lived with a family in New Zealand that come from two different tribes in Borneo, there they gave me their blessing to attempt to make the paste and to give it a voice here in SF. I have spent much time developing this recipe using the pallet I've developed over the years of traveling and working with food. The paste alone for my recipe uses around 30 different ingredients. It is actually quite a laborious process to make the paste. Please come by and taste this unique dish!

Mission Bay: Shorenstein Family Café
September 25th
Parnassus: Moffit Family Café
September 30th