National Nutrition Month Week 1

Week 1: Season for future self

Come Chat with us at Mount Zion on Wednesday March 1 in the café!

Seasoning with fresh herbs and spices to boost the flavor and nutritional value of food

• The world of food seasoning is diverse, colorful and fun.

• Seasonings can be used fresh, ground, blended, mixed, and as pastes

• There are a variety of herbs and spices used in cooking around the world. Differences in flavor and preparation are often regional and vary among cultures.

• Herbs are the green, leafy parts of the plant.

• Spices are generally the seeds, roots, fruit, flower or bark of the plant.

• Some herbs and spices are a source of phytochemicals. These are active compounds in plant foods that may have health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Learn more this week during National Nutrition Month! Herbs and spices source of antioxidants, phytochemicals and vitamins. These are active compounds in plant foods that add to health benefits beyond basic nutrition. They protect the health of our body’s cells and maintain our long term health and aging

. Chop, sprinkle and a dash adds a quick punch of flavor and nutrients.

For tips to use of herbs and spices in food download our tip sheet