Intern Testimonials

The UCSF Dietetic Internship is a comprehensive program that prepares its graduates to be leaders and pioneers in the dietetics field. For me, what was most valuable was the breadth and depth of clinical experiences that truly prepared me for my clinical career and the positions I now hold. As an intern, I received comprehensive training on a variety of inpatient services including critical care and pediatrics, which are not always offered as extensively at other programs and had a hands-on rotation in outpatient gastroenterology (my area of interest), which prepared me for my current role as a digestive health dietitian. Because UCSF is a tertiary level hospital, I was exposed to high acuity patient cases even as an intern, which prepared me well and allowed for a seamless transition to a full-time clinical dietitian (at Stanford Hospital) directly upon graduation. I definitely recommend the UCSF Dietetic Internship to anyone who has an interest in clinical nutrition as this program will prepare you to be not only a successful dietitian, but also a caring and compassionate provider and clinician.

Jackie Liu, RD
Clinical Dietitian at Stanford Hospital
UCSF Dietetic Internship Graduate, Class of 2021

I highly recommend the UCSF Dietetic Internship program if you are looking for an opportunity to get hands-on experience of the work life of an RD in areas of practice including but not limited to clinical inpatient, foodservice, community, and clinical outpatient. As well as having the opportunity to get exposure to a wide age range of patients as well as learning about different medical conditions, medical equipments, medications and the interplay with nutrition. 

I am truly a fan of the team efforts and patient care that all the professionals at this institution put into a person’s treatment. A very dedicated team and one of the best medical centers to learn from. All the preceptors are also kind, helpful as well as very knowledgeable. I met some of the most inspiring RDs here as well as some of the most hardworking and supportive co-interns.

It was truly an amazing learning experience and also helped me build a lot not only in my critical thinking skills or clinical knowledge but also helped me feel so much more confident in presenting my opinion as a dietetics’ professional when working with a team. 

Rushali Parekh, MS, RD
Registered dietitian for Eating disorders (RTC/PHP/IOP level of care)
UCSF Dietetic Internship Graduate, class of 2021 

I highly recommend the dietetic internship program at UCSF to any aspiring registered dietitian seeking strong clinical training and access to clinical research opportunities.

Throughout my internship at UCSF, I received exceptional clinical training from highly experienced and knowledgeable preceptors. The program provided me with ample opportunities to develop and refine my clinical skills in a variety of settings, including the inpatient and outpatient settings.

Additionally, during my elective rotation, I had the opportunity to engage in clinical nutrition research at UCSF. My PhD training in metabolic biology had mainly focused on wet lab techniques, thus, this exposure to working with a multidisciplinary clinical team provided me with invaluable experience in clinical research. I learned about clinical research methodologies, data analysis, and the challenges that come with patient recruitment, adherence, and study design. These experiences enabled me to transition after my internship into a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical nutrition research.

Overall, I found the dietetic internship program at UCSF to be an exceptional experience that helped me develop the skills and knowledge necessary to excel as both a registered dietitian and nutrition researcher. I am confident that any aspiring registered dietitian would greatly benefit from this program.

Cate Ward, PhD, RD
Postdoctoral Fellow | Stanford Medicine
UCSF Dietetic Internship Graduate, class of 2021

I could not have asked for a better introduction to a professional career in dietetics than the UCSF dietetic internship. This was an immersive experience with a clinical emphasis that also provided me with excellent learning opportunities in other facets of the profession, such as community and foodservice nutrition. As a full time clinical dietitian, I continue to use the resources and skills I acquired at UCSF in my daily practice.

I deeply appreciate the extent to which this internship developed and honed skills integral to my daily clinical practice, including thorough analysis of patients with complex medical conditions, nutrition interviewing techniques, appropriate interventions and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of a patient’s nutrition needs. It also provided an excellent experience in foodservice management and pediatrics, opportunities to develop patient education materials, and a chance to work in a community nutrition setting. I have used knowledge I gathered in all of these settings to continue to grow as a professional.

All of the dietitians I worked with at UCSF were professional, friendly and prepared to take time to answer questions and make this a learning experience. The fact that UCSF is a teaching hospital also provided a positive environment for students. As one of the best hospitals in the United States, I was also able to work with unique diagnoses and complex situations which was excellent practice for my current position at a large trauma center.

I highly endorse the UCSF dietetic internship for any dietetic student looking for a challenging opportunity that will prepare them to enter the field of nutrition and dietetics. 

Laura Enssle, RD
Clinical Dietitian | Denver Health
UCSF Dietetic Internship Graduate, class of 2021

I would highly recommend the UCSF Dietetic Internship to any aspiring dietitian! 

UCSF is known for its strong clinical training and as dietetic interns you get to see the most acute and complex medical conditions. I really valued the opportunity to work with such a strong and diverse interdisciplinary team, collaborating with the most top-notch physicians, speech therapists, nurses, pharmacists, case managers, and other team members. Although the training is intense and difficult, I really don't see a better fit. No other DI prepares its dietetic interns like UCSF does for any RD position post grad. I also appreciated the ability to train and rotate in such unique services such as, cardiac ICU, kidney and liver transplant, surgical oncology, and bariatric surgery. UCSF truly has a lot to offer! You have the ability to make the DI yours and cater it to your career goals! 

Currently I am a clinical dietitian at Stanford Health Care and I thank UCSF for its rigorous program and for preparing me adequately for my role as an inpatient RD. UCSF also created an outlet for me to pursue my other passion: career coaching and I recently founded The RD Route, an online platform aimed to mentor prospective dietetic students and nutrition professionals in pursuit of becoming registered dietitians. UCSF inspired me to become a clinical dietitian but to also branch out to help aspiring dietitians become RDs and I now mentor and teach outside of Stanford!

I would highly recommend UCSF's Dietetic Internship, it will overly prepare you as an entry level dietitian and you will gain the best experiences with the most diverse populations in San Francisco! 

Alyssa Kwan, MS, RD, CNSC
Clinical Dietitian | Stanford Medicine and Founder | The RD Route 
UCSF Dietetic Internship Graduate, class of 2019

I enthusiastically endorse the exceptional dietetic internship program offered by the UCSF Medical Center to prospective dietitians seeking comprehensive clinical dietetic training.

As a former intern, I gained invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience in the application of evidence-based nutrition research in diverse disease settings. The program's preceptors were exceptionally knowledgeable and provided the highest quality of nutrition care, fostering an environment of learning and growth.

Moreover, this program offers students the opportunity to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, including physicians, pharmacists, and social workers. Through interdisciplinary teamwork, I learned that providing the best possible care for each patient requires a personalized approach that considers all relevant factors. As a result of this intensive training, I developed a deep appreciation for the diversity of individual patient needs and how to tailor nutrition interventions accordingly. This experience convinced me to pursue further research training in the nutritional science field.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this internship program to any aspiring dietitian seeking a rigorous, dynamic, and rewarding clinical training experience.

Heyjun Park, PhD, RD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow | Snyder Lab, Department of Genetics | Stanford University
UCSF Dietetic Internship Graduate, class of 2018