Benefits and Financial Information

UCSF Dietetic Interns receive the following benefits:

  • Annual stipend of $~29,443, paid monthly ($2944/month). Exact stipend amount is subject to change; the first payment arrives 1 month after the internship start date. This is to assist interns with covering basic expenses. 
  • There are no tuition fees for our internship program.
  • Meal allowance at all hospital cafeterias when on duty.
  • Health insurance, medical care, and dental care are provided by UCSF Student Health Services and Counseling Services.

For additional information about these benefits and other financial information, please see below

Estimated Minimum Expenses


Stipend/Year1,2 $29443
Minimum expenses assume that interns live within walking distance of hospital3, share housing, and eat meals at the hospital when on duty.
Application Fee (non-refundable) $50

Housing (unfurnished apartment near hospital, one or more roommates)

$12,000 to $16,800
Utilities (not including telephone) $800
Meals $2,400
Laundry $300
Required Books $55
Public Transportation3 (varies based on proximity to campus) $972 - $1176 
UCSF Fitness Center (optional)
Interns are entitled to Millberry Fitness Center membership at a reduced rate (please see the Fitness Center for detailed information about rates and services).
$963 (varies annually)
Professional Memberships $58
Fee for Registration Examination (after internship, amount subject to change) $200
TOTAL ~$18,000 to ~$23,000

1 Subject to change.
2 Medical, dental, and vision insurance provided to the intern through UCSF Student Health and Counseling Services. Information about medical coverage provided by Student Health can be obtained on the SHS website:
3 If interns plan to commute by bus from a location within San Francisco, a monthly bus pass is $81-98. Public transportation from locations outside of San Francisco would be significantly more expensive. Transportation above calculated on monthly bus pass.

Health Insurance

Health insurance, medical care, dental care, and vision care are provided by UCSF Student Health and Counseling Services (SHS). Note that SHS has no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. For more information about available coverage, visit the SHS website:

Please note that if an intern is injured while in the course and scope of assigned duties, either on-site or off-campus, workers compensation insurance coverage is not provided.

Housing Costs

We recommend that interns arrive with at least $1000 to cover the expenses of the first month and an additional $2000-2500 for rent and a security deposit. Most apartments require a first and last month’s rent and a security deposit.


The Academy Foundation and many state dietetic associations have excellent scholarship programs. You should contact your advisor, the Foundation, or your state dietetic association for further information. The California Dietetic Association (CDA) Foundation has a scholarship program for students who attended a California academic program. For more information, contact: California Dietetic Association, 7740 Manchester Avenue, Suite 102, Playa del Rey, CA 90293-8499.

Student Loans

As a dietetic intern, you are not a registered student, so you are not eligible for student loans. However, you may receive deferments or forbearance for outstanding loans, if allowed by your lender. We can provide documentation of your status as a dietetic intern, or complete documents from the loan agency, to verify your status in an accredited certificate program.

Parking and Transportation

Parking in the city and especially near the hospitals is at a premium. Off-street parking at each of the hospitals costs ~$30.00 per day. 
A monthly bus pass within San Francisco is $73-91. Public transportation from locations outside San Francisco are significantly more expensive.
There is a free shuttle bus service between the UCSF campuses Monday through Friday.

Professional Liability

UCSF Dietetic Interns are covered for professional liability while performing University-related duties. Coverage is provided by the Regents of the University of California Self-Insurance Program. Any activities outside internship assignments are not covered.