Internship Selection Criteria

The intern selection process is based upon the factors outlined below. We are interested in selecting interns who have strong academic backgrounds, effective communication skills, and success in cooperative work with others. Our past interns have come from schools across the U.S. We have taken more than one student from the same school for the same class. Our goal is to select the best students from the applicant pool, without setting arbitrary limits on our choices. The ideal intern class is a diverse group composed of strong students who will be successful in our internship and as professionals. The Admissions Committee uses the following criteria when reviewing applications. In addition to the following, interviews with top candidates will be held prior to the deadline for D&D on-line reordering via phone or video conference.

Academic Preparation

Grades: Applicants must have a minimum DPD GPA of 3.0. There is no minimum GPA requirement for your overall GPA. We give particular attention to your GPA for science and upper division nutrition courses. Experience has shown that good grades in these areas are important because the major strength of our program is nutrition therapy.

Recentness of Courses: Academic coursework must be completed within three years of the entrance date to the internship.

Level of Courses: Did you take academically rigorous courses when you were eligible to do so?

Courses Beyond the DPD Minimum Requirements: Did you take additional courses over the minimum required in nutrition, sciences, mathematics, communications, or other subjects?

Electives: When you had the time, were electives taken in other areas to provide a well-rounded education? We are aware that most dietetics programs have limited time for electives.

Graduate Record Examination Scores: The GRE is required for application to the UCSF Medical Center Dietetic Internship. The GRE must have been completed within the last five years, as applicants must arrange with the GRE testing service to have an official score report sent to UCSF directly (the GRE testing service only keeps scores on record for five years). Note that the GRE is waived for applicants who have completed or will complete a graduate degree before the start date of the internship from a graduate school program that did not require the GRE for admission. There is no required minimum GRE score to apply to the UCSF DI program.

Work Experience

Do you have any work experience? Is it in a food-related field? Is it in hospital food and/or nutrition services? We look for work demonstrating the ability to work with others, leadership, and dependability. Work experience related to dietetics is a plus but is not required.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Have you been involved in any activities that indicate an ability to relate to others, provide leadership, work cooperatively, etc.?

College and Work References

We are looking for leadership, scholarship, ability to work in undirected situations, ability to meet deadlines, application of academic knowledge, ability to work with others, and communication skills. We require a total of three references.

Affirmative Action

The UCSF Medical Center Dietetic Internship is committed to providing training to qualified students from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, or age in any of our policies, procedures, or practices; nor do we discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.