Internship Selection Criteria

The intern selection process is based upon the factors outlined below. We are interested in selecting interns who have strong academic backgrounds, effective communication skills, and success in cooperative work with others. The ideal intern class is a diverse group composed of strong students who will be successful in our internship and as professionals. 

Our past interns have come from schools across the U.S. We have taken more than one student from the same school for the same class. Our goal is to select the best students from the applicant pool, without setting arbitrary limits on our choices.

Academic Preparation

  • Grades: Applicants must have a minimum DPD GPA of 3.0. There is no minimum overall GPA requirement. We give particular attention to your GPA for science and upper division nutrition courses as experience has shown that good grades in these classes help our interns succeed. 
  • Additional considerations: Did you take academically rigorous courses? Did you take additional classes in nutrition, sciences, and communications? Did you take electives (if eligible to do so) to create a well rounded educational experience? 

Extracurricular Activities

Similiar to work experience, we are looking for cooperation, leadership, and consistency. Being consistently engaged with one organization is more compelling than simply attending meetings for many organizations.