Summary of Supervised Practice and Classroom Hours

UCSF Medical Center Dietetic Internship

Type of Experience / Rotation Practice Hours Classroom Hours
Orientation 0 44.25
Clinical Nutrition Core – Adult Inpatient
Obstetrics, Liver & Kidney Transplant Unit, Bone Marrow Transplant, Cardiology, Neurology, Medicine, Psychiatry, Mount Zion Surgery (GI, Onc, Oral Head and Neck, Gyn Onc), Surgery (Plastics, GI, Bariatric, Thyroid). 504-539 38
Advanced Clinical Nutrition    
Introduction to Pediatrics 0 29.25
Pediatrics clinical experience 135-160 0
Introduction to Critical Care 0 8
Critical care clinical experience 135-160 0
Management 263-293 19
Patient food services, production, cafeteria, human resources and project in food services and clinical management    
Nutrition Counseling and Education    
UCSF ambulatory care practices: Nutrition Counseling Clinic, Weight Management Program, Diabetes Clinics (Adult, Pediatric), Renal Pre-Transplant Evaluation Clinic, PCOS Clinic, UCSF Cancer Center 120 0
UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center Self-Management Workshop 20 0
Adult or Pediatrics Dialysis Clinics 0-40 0
Off-site community food/nutrition program of intern’s choice 80 0
Projects: Client Education Material; Community Lecture/Forum Varies 0
Nutrition Counseling and Education Workshop: Includes Counseling Skills class with role playing, Counseling Perspectives presented by UCSF outpatient RDs, Community Nutrition speakers, Cultural and Ethnic Eating Habits class series, Developing Patient Education Materials, Finances and Medicare. 4 27.5
Elective Experience (varies) 200 0
Inpatient or outpatient adult specialties    
Inpatient or outpatient pediatric specialties    
UCSF Cancer Resource Center at Mount Zion    
Additional community nutrition    
Other offsite experience    
Other Intern Classes/Activities    
CAND Public Policy Workshop 0-8 0
Legislation and Politics, Professional Development/Careers, Research, and other classes and activities 0 20
Staff Experience (2 to 8 weeks) 150 0
Minimum 2 weeks experience in Inpatient Clinical Nutrition    
Total Hours of Practice/Classes2 ~1710 hours 186 hours
  ~ 43 weeks ~ 5 weeks

Updated 01.25.17

1. Each Intern’s schedule will vary.
2. Intern schedule includes 4 additional weeks of vacation, holidays, and earned days off.