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Orders must be placed 3 full business days prior to event.

Do not use this form if your event is within 3 business days. Call the Moffitt Catering Sales Office as soon as possible to place your request.

For personal expenses Moffitt Catering accepts checks, MasterCard, VISA or American Express. Sales tax will be added to non-UCSF Recharge orders.

*If your event date is less that 3 business days from today please call the Moffitt Catering Sales Office (415) 353-1325
If you'll be picking up your order let us know what time you'll be here.
Include Building, Floor & Room Number, along with any other information we may need.
The event location must be unlocked and available at least 30 minutes prior to the start time given on the event order form.

bowls & boxes

Feel Good Bowls that inspire healthy habits

minimum order 6 each

Roasted red potatoes, onions & black beans with scrambled eggs, avocado, cheddar cheese, green onion & cherry tomatoes
added to Farmers Breakfast Bowl
added to Farmers Breakfast Bowl
Roasted red potato, onion & pepper hash, fresh spinach, hard boiled egg, avocado & spicy chipotle sauce
Red quinoa, roasted butternut squash, sauteed kale, shredded carrot, avocado & toasted pumpkin seeds with orange-ginger dressing
Arugula, grilled chicken, cucumber, tomato, crispy spiced chickpeas, crumbled blue cheese & toasted walnuts with lemon-garlic vinaigrette
Mixed greens & red cabbage, avocado, edamame, shredded carrots, shaved radishes & green onions with creamy miso-sesame dressing
(select "1" to expand choices)
Farro, baby spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas, feta, red onion & kalamata olives with lemon-tahini vinaigrette. Choose from grilled chicken or spiced tofu. *Vegan - spiced tofu, omit cheese
spiced tofu, omit cheese

Boxed Hot Meals indivdually packed and budget friendly

minimum order 10 each

Steamed rice & sautéed bok choy
(select "1" to expand choices)
Choose chicken or tofu-cauliflower served with basmati rice
(select "1" to expand choices)
Choose meat or vegetarian served with roasted seasonal vegetables
with roasted seasonal vebetables
served with couscous-quinoa pilaf & green beans
served with rice pilaf & seasonal vegetables

a la carte add-ons

Add Hot & Cold Beverages and individually bagged Sweet Treats

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Assorted sugar free canned & bottled beverages
Diet Coke®, Sprite Zero®, Dr. Pepper®, Shasta® Diet Root Beer & Diet Gingerale
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Individually bagged cookies, brownies & bars
assortment includes chocolate chip, double-chocolate walnut, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, orange-cranberry & molasses
assortment may include strawberry cobbler, lemon, apricot, peanut butter rice krispi, pecan, 7-layer, & toffee almond blondie
(select "1" to expand choices) (select "1" to expand choices)
Regular & Decaf Peet's® Coffee and Mighty Leaf® Hot Tea Service delivered in fully disposable containers
includes cups, sugar, sweetener, half & half, stir sticks
includes cups, sugar, sweetener, half & half, stir sticks
includes cups, sugar, sweetener, half & half, stir sticks

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