Introducing Alameda Point Craft Soda
We have all read the research on soda and sugar and the impact it has on our bodies. UCSF Nutrition and Food Services views soda not as an everyday product but as a treat. We are also committed to lessening our carbon footprint on the products we choose to carry. Based on these two ideals we are switching our soda supplier to Alameda Craft Soda.

Alameda Craft Soda is local company that brews soda in small batches for better quality control—with a minimum number of simple, pronounce-able ingredients (i.e. 7 — vs. the soda industry's 60).

UCSF is pleased to offer the following varieties (all sugar free): Uptown Dr. Burgundy, Hangar 25 Cola, Park St. Bridge Ginger Ale, Cable Car Lemon Lime, Oaktown Rootbeer, Golden Gate Orange, Merrits Lemonade, and Alameda Point Iced Tea

We hope that if you do decide to treat yourself to a soda you choose to support a local company making a craft product—a treat for you and a healthier option for the planet.