About Moffitt Catering

Your Professional Team of Caterers

We at Moffitt Catering are proud to present you with an informational guide to our services. The team of professionals at Moffitt Catering at UCSF is dedicated to the success of your catered event. We’re here to provide the expert service, exciting presentations, and quality food to make your event stand out.

From morning breakfast buffets and freshly brewed coffee to casual lunches, formal dinners, and creative hors d’ouevres, our catering guides are filled with many ideas and menus.
Whatever your event—breakfast meeting, staff luncheon, retirement party, or holiday celebration—we have something for every budget. We offer the freshest ingredients, creative preparations, elegant presentations, and excellent service.

We invite you to think of us as your personal caterers. We would be pleased to help you design a menu for your next event, and we are available for personalized consultations, customized menus, and advice.

We’re here to help, and we look forward to working with you on your next event.